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In addition to the programming of process control systems and programmable logic controllers, our know-how also consists of linking these components with remote IO stations via all common bus systems. We can efficiently analyse and process high data steams for you with the help of our competence in the field of databases.

Remote IO Stations and bus systems

In modern production plants, remote io stations are almost exclusively used to connect the field level with the process level. We therefore also offer our customers the planning and programming of these systems. As a connection between the planes, we use all common bus systems depending on the requirement profile. Our customer again benefits from our developer-independence and we offer you the system that corresponds to your ideas and requirements.


With the help of high-performance databases, we offer our customers every possibility to save and manage their process data. In addition to the classic management of alarms from the process level, we also develop customer-specific products such as a database tool for PCS engineering with graduated access rights and change logs.

Technical components and systems at a glance

  • Pepperl und Fuchs
  • Stahl
  • Wago
  • Fieldbus
  • Modbus RTU und TCP
  • OPC
  • Profibus und Profinet
  • Safe Ethernet
  • V-Net
  • DB2
  • Interbase
  • MS-SQL-Server
  • MySql
  • Oracle

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