In order to guarantee our demands on occupational safety and quality management to our customers as well, we are SCC* and DIN ISO 9001 certified. This has since been an integral part of our corporate philosophy.
Helix GmbH is certified as an attractive employer.
We get people on bikes
Planting trees for climate protection

Environmental and energy goals

Helix Gesellschaft für Software und Engineering mbH“ acknowledges its responsibility for the environment and the improvement of the general basis of life by formulating environmental and energy goals, insofar as it can actively influence them. These goals are the basis of our internal, constantly developing and improving environmental and energy management awareness.

Our goals and maxims:
We consider it our most important duty to use our resources sparingly.
We always consider environmental compatibility in our decisions.
We evaluate the products we use for their sustainability.
We regard our environment as our most valuable asset.
Our employees are our most valuable resource.
Our customers are important partners for us in achieving our environmental and energy goals.
We expect our suppliers to understand our environmental and energy goals.
We always comply with applicable laws and standards.

Our environmental and energy management awareness helps us to achieve our goals as well as to implement our maxims and is divided into the following topics:

1.) Resource procurement, waste and disposal management.
– Reduction of waste water
– Reduction of our energy consumption, climate-friendly energy procurement
– Reduction of our material consumption
– Recycling concepts for electronics, batteries and office materials, separation of residual waste

2) Mobility
– Shift from mobility to public transport
– Offers to employees: job ticket, job bike
– Digitalization as a solution for more effective work with less mobility

3) Employees
– Qualification measures to anchor the concept of sustainability in all our activities
– Internal training of our environmental and energy management system for our employees
– Definition of responsibilities and competencies within our company
– Promotion of exchange and communication across all hierarchical levels

Through an internal continuous improvement process, we constantly monitor and optimize the implementation and maintenance of our environmental and energy management awareness. This enables us to monitor and reduce waste and emissions.

We inform our customers about our environmental and energy goals.

As a systematic basis for an environmental and energy management system, we use the requirements of ISO 50001 and ISO 14001. Based on these standards, we set our benchmarks and will live them to the best of our knowledge.

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