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In addition to the automation of complete systems, we also offer specialized solutions for expanding existing automation solutions. Some examples:

  • Chip Card Reader Software:

Valid software for access control in a PCS via card reader and password, qualification of access control (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ).

  • Connection of production data to a Labor Management Information System (LIMS)
  • Connection and programming of material flow and warehouse management computers (Oracle/DB2)
  • Management of production data, combined with the possible evaluation in the intranet with the support of LAMP systems (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP)
  • Software for graphically supported monitoring and control of the enzyme addition of a fermenter with the help of stored profiles and real-time data. OPC coupling to the existing process.
  • Optimization of the control of a waste heat boiler for steam discharge, feed water supply, differential pressure control and absolute pressure control
  • OPC interface software for reading out PCS alarms and messages from the control systems of different manufacturers, coupling to the MES
  • Server client coupling for a PCS
  • Database tool (MS Access) for a PCS engineering with graduated access rights and change logs
  • Excel macros as an interface between IO lists and the YGET tool; tool-based (YGET, Excel macros) engineering (version comparisons, troubleshooting in IO lists)
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