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Complete solution for the automation of a new system from consulting, planning and design, through
setup and configuration, acceptance and commissioning to training and support. Our services:


Advising the customer on the selection of hardware and software components for PCS, safety functions and on-site stations


Design of the hardware based on customer specifications with regard to safety-related control, on-
site stations, bus systems at the field level, ethernet network and suitable pc components.


Planning and establishment of the field level (I/O configuration), configuration of the control level (drive controls, control loops, etc.), creation of the higher-level control levels (step chains), flow chart creation including creation of a library with graphic elements based on the specifications worked out
together with the customer, connection of the DCS to the operations management level via OPC


Acceptance of the hardware structure at the customer’s, acceptance of the created software including checking the communication between PCS and external components, checking the PCS functions (control of valves and drives, controls: simple controls, cascade controls, split range
controls), checking the mapping of the system in the flow diagrams.


IO check on the PCS, customer support during the start-up process, revision and adaption of the PCS functions during start-up in cooperation with process engineers, optimization of the control loops after the start-up process.


System support, on-call service.


Creation of requirement specifications, operation instructions, user requirements

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